Among Us Has Landed On Switch, And You Can Play The New Map Early

In Among Us, 10 crew members of a spaceship attempt to fix its various issues and stabilize it. They’re basically one of those guys running around behind Scotty in the Enterprise’s engineering department. Fixing the issues are a series of basic mini-games—rewiring a panel, sliding an access key card, all simple stuff. All things aside, it is great to see innovation beat money in the gaming industry. The game is on a great run so far and the battle between the crewmates and the imposters continues. Among Us is one of the biggest names on the internet right now.

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If you are discovered, you can still participate as a ghost and help your teammate by sabotaging controls to kill the Crewmates or lock them in rooms to keep them from discovering a body. The key challenge is how players present evidence during voting sessions. Among Us — created by InnerSloth — is a multiplayer platform that allows for four to 10 players to play at once, using different colors to help others identify them during gameplay.

The web series, hosted by Taryn Southern, featured weekly match-ups between the playable cast in a tournament-style format. Each week, the arena was updated with different versus scenarios. Fans could vote for their favorite characters, and a video, depicting the winner of each round, would be released following each voting period. Videos detailing the skills and strengths of the combatants, including vox pop and celebrity interviews, were released alongside each new pair of challengers.

  • Now, you can proceed to install the Among Us game on Bluestacks by opening the Google Play Store and then searching for “Among Us” from inside the search tool at the top.
  • This will let us focus on making a great game faster because updates can come out in minutes on PC, where mobile can take hours or even days.
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You should also know that the game supports cross-play between Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and PC. This feature is currently being developed for Xbox and PlayStation as well. Betrayal is just that much more fun when it’s a friend that you’re stabbing in the back. Don’t look at us like that, obviously we mean when playing Among Us!